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Incident Management System- Global Manufacturing Firm (Case Study)

A hassle-free incident management mechanism goes a long way in ensuring effective use of IT assets, by preventing the breakdown of computerized systems. This, in turn, enables high levels of organizational productivity, leading to increased profits. A good incident management system also results in better utilization of the company’s resources and time and plays a key role in ensuring high levels of end-user satisfaction. Unfortunately, several manufacturing companies lack a robust incident management system, and this causes frequent IT issues disrupting their business.

Today, we will see how Solunus enabled a well-known manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment to develop a highly efficacious incident management system using Salesforce.

About the Client

The client is a global manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment, headquartered in Brøndby, Denmark, with its American subsidiary based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. They have an extensive presence in more than 100 countries.

Project Overview

The customer approached us to develop an incident management system of high efficacy. They were having a lot of issues with frequent breakdowns of their Salesforce system. The cleaning equipment manufacturer lacked proper documentation to fix these issues in a proper, timely manner.

Challenges Faced by the Client

  • The customer suffered from frequent breakdowns of their Salesforce system.

  • They did not have an ITIL process for incident and change management.

  • The client lacked the documentation needed to resolve their problems.

  • Collaboration between various stakeholders was poor.

  • User adoption levels of the manufacturer’s Salesforce system were very low.

How Solunus Resolved the Client’s Challenges

As part of our customized solution, we developed an effective ITIL process for managing problems with the Salesforce system. Our solution also included the following.

Implementation of a Training Program to Bridge Knowledge Gaps

Our experts came up with a training program to help the cleaning equipment manufacturer fix the issues by themselves. We identified a few end users of Salesforce and trained them on how to resolve various problems with the system. These end-users trained other users to enable smooth use of the Salesforce platform.

Development of a Knowledge Base for End Users

We developed a comprehensive knowledge base – the knowledge base could be referred to by the client’s end-users of Salesforce. Our technical content experts also came up with manuals and other documentation for the customer’s systems and processes.

Creation of an Agile System to Implement Change Requests and System Enhancements

Our team set up a robust, rapidly responding mechanism to handle change requests and enhancements to the cleaning equipment manufacturer’s Salesforce system; the mechanism went a long way in preventing delays in meeting the client’s dynamic business needs.

Organization of Demonstrations to Educate Users on Changes

We held extensive demonstrations on various changes made to the customer’s Salesforce system. The demonstrations were very useful to explain how the changes affected the manufacturer’s processes and the resulting benefits.