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How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Enterprises Tackle Customer Service Challenges

Delivery of effective customer support is arguably the most critical element of a strong customer relationship. Companies know very well about the importance of customer support; therefore, they always try to provide quick and efficient customer service.

In business, it is said that retaining an existing customer is six times cheaper than acquiring a new one. Therefore, a company has to invest extra resources, money, and time to maintain the existing customer list. Although it seems costly in the real sense, it will prove cheaper.

This scenario underscores the need to offer excellent customer service. Some business philosophers consider customer service as the heart of any business. Exceptional services make your customers feel valued and respected, enabling you to become more competitive and attract new customers.

Every day, customers leave their queries and interact with your business. These interactions may create particular challenges.

The challenges include finding the right answers to customers’ questions, ensuring a customer service representative is always available to answer the questions, understanding customer needs, and dealing with irate customers. Resolving these challenges can consume a lot of time and effort.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps Resolve The Challenges?

AI plays a vital role in the automation of customer support by improving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It is the best way to resolve customer problems and provide relevant information quickly.

The primary purpose of using AI in customer service is to provide personalized information about products. More than 50% of customers buy products upon recommendations from company representatives to meet their needs.

In the past, it was hard to collect adequate data about user experiences with products. Companies need this data to make the required improvements to the products to meet customer demands.

Automated bots help collect information automatically by analyzing customer reviews. AI makes it much easier to collect user experience data efficiently and helps save employees’ time for other tasks.

Ensuring customer convenience is another crucial element in acquiring new customers. Customers are most likely to buy your product if they get all the information they need without hassles.

Again, AI is the best solution to enable a seamless selection of products and add them to a ‘wish list’ of products for a later purchase.

In the following sections of this post, we will see how AI helps improve customer service. We will also examine Salesforce Einstein Analytics, an AI-powered analytics program, in detail. But first, let’s try to understand what AI is all about.