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Harness Salesforce’s Vaccine Management Solution to Win the War on COVID-19

It is no exaggeration to say the global vaccination program to combat COVID-19 is the most monumental program in the history of mankind – researchers across the globe strove hard for several months to develop an effective solution to defeat the pandemic. Thanks to their relentless efforts, the world today has several vaccines to fight the COVID-19 virus.

The efforts of the scientific fraternity will truly bear fruit only when the vaccination initiatives launched by various nations are effectively executed. However, various challenges confront governments and healthcare institutions in implementing this mammoth program to end the pandemic. Some of the key challenges include the following.

  • Issuing notifications to the public about the vaccination program

  • Obtaining a 360° view of the vaccination program in real-time to make the right decisions

  • Ensuring seamless management of vaccine inventories by facilitating smooth supply chains

  • Overcoming the problems in scheduling vaccination appointments; this includes the delicate task of prioritizing members of communities who are more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus

  • Administering the vaccine in a safe, hassle-free environment

  • Overseeing the after-effects of the vaccination program effectively

How can these problems be overcome? What does it take to ensure the success of this massive program? The answer – a robust solution that enables authorities to use vaccine-management-related data in a reliable, timely manner. Today, we will see how Salesforce Vaccine Cloud helps resolve the problems encountered in the onerous task.

Ensure notifications about the vaccination are issued properly Effective dissemination of information is critical to the success of programs involving the society at large, and the anti-COVID-19 vaccination program is no exception. People expect and need to be provided information about the vaccination program. This can be a daunting task, especially in countries with huge populations such as India; reaching out to millions of people with the right information at the right time can be very hard, if not impossible.

This problem can be resolved using Salesforce Vaccine Cloud. The innovative product can be used to provide notifications to people, efficiently, in a cost-effective way, across various channels. For example, the Salesforce vaccine-management solution can be used to inform people when to visit a local healthcare facility to get vaccinated, over e-mail and through SMS. Many countries, including India, have developed mobile apps to provide vaccination-related information to their citizens; the Salesforce solution can be used to provide the information and issue notifications and alerts pertaining to vaccination schedules, through the apps.

Get a comprehensive, real-time view of the vaccination program Healthcare authorities need an integrated platform that provides them a holistic picture of vaccination management data to take appropriate decisions, without delays, to ensure smooth execution of the pandemic-eradication drive.

This requirement can be met using Salesforce Vaccine Cloud. The product can be used to generate the big picture of the vaccination initiative, in real time, enabling decision makers to take the right steps. For instance, authorities at the vaccination command center in a state capital can keep themselves informed of the number of people vaccinated at each community healthcare center, on a real-time basis, and arrange for timely supply of the vaccines and related materials. More about this in a moment.

Manage vaccine inventories very efficiently One of the major concerns of governments and healthcare authorities is ensuring timely availability of vaccines and equipment used to administer the vaccines such as syringes and needles, to prevent delays and implement the program to eliminate COVID-19 smoothly.

Salesforce Vaccine Cloud helps the authorities to handle vaccine inventories with high levels of efficacy. The solution facilitates easy integration of population-related data with vaccination schedules to determine the number of vaccine doses for each geographic unit (such a city or a county). Likewise, the Salesforce solution helps collect and analyze information pertaining to batch numbers of vaccine lots, places of storage, expiration dates and refrigeration infrastructure. This information will go a long way in coming with the right inventory management plan to make the vaccination program a grand success.

Use relevant data to schedule vaccination appointments Scheduling appointments for anti-COVID vaccination rapidly in an effective manner can be difficult because of the problems in identifying the members of the society who are at a greater risk of getting infected by the virus. As large numbers of people register with health authorities to get vaccinated, a colossal amount of data is generated; this data needs to be analyzed to identify people who are more vulnerable, so that they can be vaccinated before others.