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Discrete Manufacturing: How to Go Digital with Field Service?

Discrete Manufacturing: How to Go Digital with Field Service?

The pandemic has ushered the manufacturing industry and the discrete manufacturing industry segment into the Digital World. In this age, only businesses with field service capabilities coupled with a dependency on digital technology endure and strive to build robust customer relationships. Also, they’re the ones that drive revenue with excellent field service without an actual on-site visit.

Over 88% of customers anticipate companies to accelerate digital initiatives. And customers appreciate and enjoy the convenience, ease, and possibilities that the digital world brought to the field service experience. If you’re looking for a way to improve your discrete manufacturing model, we’re covering the top five areas to focus on enhancing to provide a seamless experience to your customers. Let’s get started.

5 Ways to go digital with field service

Discrete Manufacturing: 5 Ways to Go Digital with Field Service

1. Rule out in-person visits with visual remote assistance.

Today, customers are demanding troubleshooting options that are remote for safety and convenience. With remote visual assistance, the service agent can determine whether the problem requires an in-person visit or can be resolved with remote assistance. And remote visual assistance wipes out the need for in-person visits, which are time-consuming.

A significant advantage of visual remote assistance is that field technicians and agents can utilize video call sessions to reach out to customers in real-time and resolve impending issues with the help of augmented reality.

For instance, service agents can guide customers to the solution remotely for simple fixes like system reboots. And for more complex issues, a field service technician can walk the customer through a step-by-step procedure to solve the problem through visual remote assistance.

Furthermore, if the solution really requires an in-person visit, the field service agent can collaborate with an experienced technician to get the issue resolved at the earliest. This process expedites the first-time visit resolution.

2. Enhance your first-time visit resolution proactively.