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In God we trust; all others must bring data. – William Edwards Deming

Good marketing data is the fuel that powers the growth of the modern business. Salesforce users who make the best use of the data in their CRM system are successful; effective use of the data helps them develop pinpointed marketing campaigns that resonate with the specific needs of customers. However, many companies are unable to use their Salesforce data because of the data’s poor quality, and this is impacting them badly. According to a survey by Gartner, on an average, companies are losing $15 million due to data quality related issues.

How can companies ensure high quality of data in their Salesforce system?

The most important reason for the poor quality data is the lack of robust data quality frameworks. A well-defined data quality framework enables businesses to identify and eliminate useless, inconsistent and/or incomplete data from their Salesforce databases, thereby gaining access to clean, relevant data. Therefore, it is very important companies come up with a proper model to populate the databases with high quality data.

What should organizations do to build a robust Salesforce data quality model?

They must use an automated system to archive and purge data. A well-designed automated data archival and purging solution allows companies to define rules to clean their Salesforce data at regular intervals, with minimal effort and cost. Furthermore, data which is currently not required but needs to be stored for future use can be archived easily. This will ensure only useful data is stored in your Salesforce database.

One of the most popular tools used to archive and purge Salesforce data is ArchiveIt. We will now examine the features of this powerful application and understand how it helps build a good Salesforce data quality framework in a quick, easy and cost-effective manner.

ArchiveIt is simple to use – no programming skills needed

A number of tools are available in the marketplace, which can be used to archive and purge Salesforce data. Most of these tools can be used effectively only by people who have good coding skills; a vast majority of Salesforce data users such as marketing and sales personnel find it very hard to make proper use of these tools, as they are not adept at programming.

This problem can be overcome easily by using ArchiveIt. All that users need to do is select the required data elements and indicate the time for performing an activity, and ArchiveIt will complete the activity seamlessly. You can use the application to perform various data manipulations en masse such as mass updates and mass deletions to ensure your Salesforce data is of high quality, with minimal effort.

Problems with data deduplication are eliminated

Purging duplicate data is a major problem faced by most Salesforce users; it takes considerable time and effort to deduplicate data records, and this can result in data of poor quality.

ArchiveIt helps the users perform deduplication activities on their databases in a hassle-free manner. The users can define the parameters needed to identify duplicate data records and schedule deduplication activities with just a few clicks, and the tool will automatically complete the activities in a perfect manner.

Users can ensure only high quality data enters the production server

Many a time, events such as mergers and acquisitions force organizations to transfer their Salesforce data. These transfers can create various issues; data can be lost in the process, and it is very difficult to identify which data records have been lost.

You can overcome these problems vey effectively using ArchiveIt. The data archival and purging application ensures 100% safety of data, when it is transferred from one Salesforce Org to another. You can validate the transferred data before it enters the production server, thereby making sure the data is of high quality.

Salesforce data quality tests can be carried out securely

Effective testing of Salesforce data goes a long way in ensuring its high quality. Many companies perform automated quality tests of the data in their Salesforce databases. It is important to secure the data during the tests to prevent its unauthorized access.

ArchiveIt enables companies to provide complete security to data during automated quality tests. The data archival and purging application helps mask the Salesforce test data, thereby ensuring it doesn’t fall into wrong hands.

Zero loss of data during data cleanups

One of the major problems faced by organizations while performing data cleaning activities is accidental data loss. There had been several instances of companies losing precious customer and marketing data, while eliminating bad data from their Salesforce databases.

You can use ArchiveIt to purge Salesforce data of poor quality in a very secure manner; the data archival and purging solution creates a copy of the data in your database before a cleanup, thereby ensuring complete safety of the data.

Google Sheets add-on facilitates hassle-free Salesforce data quality analytics

Companies should be able to perform analytics of their Salesforce data seamlessly; proper analysis of this data provides valuable insights into the quality of the data, enabling them to take appropriate actions.

ArchiveIt enables you to analyze your Salesforce data, thanks to its Google Sheets add-on; you can use the capabilities of this powerful spread-sheet application to perform thorough analyses of the data’s quality with little effort.

Data can be retrieved quickly, in a hassle-free manner

One of the key elements of high Salesforce data quality (for that matter quality of any data) is the ability to access required data in a timely fashion. Many companies face issues accessing data when it is needed. This is because the companies create backup copies of their entire data and retrieving required data from the backups takes time and effort.

This problem can be resolved effectively using ArchiveIt. The Salesforce data archival and purging solution helps companies archive their data using process-oriented criteria, enabling you to store only needed data and eliminate the rest. As the quantum of data stored is limited, it can be retrieved very quickly. You can handle the data in archives with the same ease as the custom objects in your org, thanks to the seamless integration of ArchiveIt with Salesforce Lightning Connect.

As you can see, ArchiveIt helps ensure high quality of your Salesforce data, thereby empowering you to launch pinpointed marketing and sales campaigns to target your customers. The data archival and purging tool has been developed to help all Salesforce users, including those who don’t have a technical background.

At Solunus, we help you unleash the power of ArchiveIt to enable you meet your Salesforce data quality requirements. Our highly experienced team will work with you to customize the innovative product to help you reap rich dividends by ensuring high-quality customer and marketing data.

Hope you enjoyed going through this post. We’ll be happy to have your views on Salesforce data quality.

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