The Communiqué

Newsletter - Q4 2020 Edition

It's 2021, and the new year brings new hope and aspirations. The bygone year was full of challenges, but we could overcome them all through meticulous planning and hard work. Find out how we ended the last quarter of 2020 on a highly successful note and enjoy interesting pieces of content in the last newsletter of an eventful year.


Newsletter - Q3 2020 Edition

As the final quarter of the year sets in and the business world limps back to normalcy, we’ve a lot to cheer up at Solunus. Learn about the innovative solutions developed by our R&D team and enjoy a few interesting posts. Catch up with all the action at Solunus in the last 90 days in the second edition of The Communiqué.


Newsletter - Q2 2020 Edition

It’s the third week of July, and as we enjoy the warmth of the summer winds, there’s plenty of action at Solunus. We received a nice compliment from one of our customers. Our CEO talks about our highly successful business continuity initiative. Find out more interesting developments at Solunus in the first edition of The Communiqué, our quarterly newsletter.