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Workplace Diversity and Meritocracy – The Two Pillars of Our Success

A warm welcome to Solunus!

At Solunus, we earnestly believe true diversity is all about recognizing each one of us is unique; when our different thoughts and abilities come together, we will be able to resolve challenges faster and better.

We provide equal opportunities for all our employees to excel and grow – career progression is solely based on merit and performance.

Our strong emphasis on workplace diversity and meritocracy are indeed the two pillars of our success! We will continue to foster inclusion and excellence to achieve our goals.

Message from Our CEO


Creating Value, Celebrating Success

Solunus – A Truly Great Place to Work!

Solunus has been certified by the GPTW Institute as a Great Place to Work ®. Our employee-oriented policies coupled with an innovation-fostering environment ensure the highest levels of employee satisfaction. Our organizational culture is based on 5 principles, which go a long way in making a happy, productive workplace.


Delighting Employees, Delivering Excellence

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