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Integration Services


Ensure seamless operations and flow of data

We help integrate the data in systems such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel and a host of cloud-based systems. Our experts utilize the capabilities of powerful middleware such as MuleSoft and custom-built Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate data with Salesforce.

Integration Services

Analyze your data integration needs meticulously

We perform a detailed analysis of your data integration needs. The analysis enables us to come up with an action plan to integrate the data in the shortest timeframe, with the least expenditure.

Map the systems data for easy connectivity

Our data integration specialists map the data you wish to integrate with Salesforce; this will go a long way in ensuring effective bi-directional connectivity, facilitating efficient data synchronization.

Refine the data and establish connectivity

We set up data filters to ensure only the required data is integrated with Salesforce to ensure maximum efficiency. Then, our team connects the data with Salesforce.

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