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Industries We Serve

Salesforce for manufacturing

Manage distribution channels seamlessly and reduce selling costs to remain on the top of your game. We facilitate:
  • Hassle-free coordination with business partners

  • Effective execution of sales and quoting activities

  • Customer delight with excellent field service

  • Increased revenue from aftermarket operations

  • Intelligent predictions about product demand

Solunus is trusted to deliver brilliant Salesforce solutions for manufacturing.

Salesforce for banking and financial services

Ensure absolute data security and facilitate smooth omni-channel transactions to reap rich dividends. Our experts enable you to:  
  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to information

  • Facilitate hassle-free transactions across all devices

  • Analyze highly complex financial data in real time

  • Ensure absolute safety of sensitive information

  • Reduce carbon footprint by going paperless

Use our innovative services to leverage the full potential of Salesforce’s products for the BFSI sector

Salesforce for healthcare

Deliver better patient experiences and reduce costs considerably to be in the pink of health. We work with you to:  
  • Speed-up patient acquisition

  • Provide easy access to patient data

  • Personalize treatment and patient experiences

  • Ensure active collaboration between stakeholders

  • Strengthen relationships with healthcare payers

Leverage our perfectly customized services to make the best use of Salesforce’s offerings for healthcare providers

Salesforce for retail

Ensure effective collaboration with retail outlets and adapt to fast-changing demand scenarios rapidly to emerge the market winner. Our specialists empower you to:  
  • Get 100% real-time visibility into sales data

  • Develop effective pricing models very rapidly

  • Manage resellers and distributors without hassles

  • Deliver excellent experiences to customers across channels

  • Cut operational and selling expenditures in a big way

Utilize our rich experience to fully benefit from Salesforce’s novel solutions for the consumer goods sector

Salesforce for energy and environment

Minimize carbon emissions and use environmental data effectively to make your business greener. We collaborate with you to:
  • Monitor and analyze your impact on environment to drive sustainability

  • Complete carbon accounting audits in a few weeks instead of several months

  • Evaluate energy demand patterns and identify emission trends easily

  • Develop complex Commercial and Industrial (C&I) contracts quickly

  • Offer customized contracts to B2B energy consumers

Harness our expertise to get the best value from innovative products of Salesforce for energy utilities

Salesforce for higher education

Make your student enrollment process ultra-simple and deliver delightful learning experiences. Our services allow you to:  
  • Admit students without any hassles

  • Get a 360-degree view of each learner

  • Build 1-to-1 rapport with students

  • Ensure optimal alumni lifetime value

  • Foster better campus collaboration

Hire us to tailor Salesforce’s higher-ed solutions to meet the needs of your learners perfectly

Salesforce for the automotive sector

Power the engine of success by building lasting relationships with dealers and buyers of vehicles. Our specialists help you:  
  • Ensure a seamless buyer journey anytime, anywhere across all touchpoints

  • Empower distribution partners to deliver excellent customer service

  • Personalize interactions and deliver a fully-connected automotive experience

  • Make field service teams highly agile and productive

  • Optimize inventories by making accurate demand forecasts

Partner with us to harness Salesforce solutions for the automotive sector to speed up growth

Salesforce for travel and hospitality

Enhance your revenues considerably by delivering memorable experiences to your guests. We partner with you to ensure you:
  • Get complete visibility into the needs of each guest

  • Provide instant responses to customer requests

  • Deliver real-time updates to customers

  • Make intelligent pricing decisions by predicting demand

  • Cut customer service costs significantly through AI-powered chatbots

Join hands with us to leverage Salesforce’s avant-garde products for travel and hospitality industries
Travel and Hospitality.jpg

Salesforce for media and advertising

Deal with ever-changing audience behaviors efficiently to create the best impact at the least cost. Our experts enable you to:
  • Get the right insights about your audiences’ information needs at the right time

  • Connect with target audiences using multiple digital, social and mobile channels

  • Bring multiple teams on one page to ensure high levels of coordination

  • Measure the effectiveness of each program and identify the reasons for the same

Work with us to make the most out of Salesforce to meet the unique requirements of your media business

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