Digital Transformation

Enabling customers and Empowering Businesses

Digital transformation helps you grow rapidly leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. It helps you automate your processes and unlock new revenue streams. The latest advances in technology enable you to be in constant touch with customers and delight them.

COVID-19 is hitting companies across the world and hitting them hard – many have gone bankrupt, while others are struggling to cope with severe disruptions to their businesses and customers shying away from making purchases.

How You Can Overcome the Challenges Posed by COVID-19

As with any other crisis, the mantra is to CUT COSTS AND IMPROVE EFFICIENCIES. The best way to do this is to undergo a digital transformation.

How Digital Transformation Helps You Survive and Flourish

Digital transformation helps you improve your bottom line significantly by enabling you to automate your processes and unlock new revenue streams.

A well planned technology-led transformation initiative will give you the best ROI on your business investment. You will reap rich benefits not just during the pandemic but for years to come. Here are a few.

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of consumers use more than one channel during their shopping journey.- Harvard Business Review

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of consumers think that companies should understand their expectations and needs. - Salesforce

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of consumers expect companies to have an online portal for customer service. - Microsoft

Excellent Services for Seamless Digital Transformation

Advisory and Cloud Consulting

  • Roadmap development: Develop the right strategy and build a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap
  • Cloud consulting services: Accelerate your journey to the cloud with zero business disruption
  • Development of success metrics: Measure your progress and take appropriate steps in a timely, cost-effective manner


Optimal use of resources translating into significant reduction in costs
A technology-driven business model with the customer at its core
High levels of organizational efficiency and employee productivity

Workspace Automation and IT Infrastructure Enhancement

  • Intelligent workspace design: Transform your offices into smart workplaces using the latest digital technologies
  • Cost-effective IT infrastructure upgrade: Ramp up your existing IT infrastructure to meet your present and future needs without burning a hole in the pocket
  • IoT-enabled multi-device touchpoints: Facilitate seamless interactions in real-time using any connected device


Considerable reduction in expenditure on office space
Highly convenient working conditions resulting in enhanced productivity
Hassle-free collaboration resulting in better teamwork

Data Management and Analytics

  • Insightful data analysis: Exploit the power of AI-based analytics tools to gain proper insights into customer behaviors
  • Blockchain-based data management: Handle your data in a simple, safe and cost-effective manner using Blockchain technologies
  • Automated data archival and purging: Let smart digital technologies transform the way you manage data, by defining criteria for automatic data archival and purging
  • Salesforce made easy: Use point-and-click applications to populate your Salesforce database with consistent, timely and relevant data to take right decisions


Massive reduction in Salesforce data storage costs
Faster and more effective data analysis helps target customers better
Significant improvement in data handling efficiencies

AI-based Capabilities

  • Document digitization: Make the best use of deep learning to enhance document processing efficiency and reduce indexing costs considerably
  • AI-powered recruitment: Hire the best talent with minimal expenditure with the AI-enabled smart recruitment solution
  • Multilingual virtual assistant: Enable multilingual, multi-channel conversations to facilitate high-quality customer service
  • Email automation: Use probabilistic statistical models to analyze large email datasets and use them effectively with little effort


Huge reduction in document processing and recruitment costs
Significant improvement in customer service efficiency levels
Increased volumes of referral hiring and lower time-to-hire

Customer Experience Enhancement

  • Enable real time customer engagement: Let customers connect with you in real time, across multiple digital channels, using any connected device
  • Automate customer interactions: Harness transformational digital technologies to develop chatbots with human-like customer service capabilities
  • Deliver information customers need effectively: Create a highly user-friendly portal to deliver information sought by customers quickly without hassles
  • Respond better to customer issues: Deliver pinpointed responses to specific customer issues


Huge reduction in customer service costs
Considerably shorter sales lifecycle
Enhanced customer engagement resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction

Why Is Solunus Your Perfect Digital Transformation Partner?

Digital transformation is complex. It demands a well-defined strategy and redesigning business models and processes. You must revamp your IT infrastructure and acquire and implement the latest software; you also need to train your employees on new technologies and provide them continuous support. Solunus can help you do all this and ensure you

Boost planning capacitiesDetermining capacities optimal use of resources can be tough. Use our expertise to enhance your planning capacities to meet current and future needs.
Pay as you useShift seamlessly to an IT as a Service (ITaaS) based business model to ensure optimal use of your IT infrastructure, reducing complexity and costs.
Make the best use of AIOur AI-powered tools facilitate highly effective data analytics and operational support, enhancing your business efficiencies to new highs.
Take full advantage of the IoTUse our cutting-edge IoT-based technologies to connect and serve your customers in real time, to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

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