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Salesforce and Integration Case Study

Project Description

  • Industry:
  • Service:
    Salesforce and Integration
  • Location:
    North America

About This Project

The client is a leading family restaurant chain with more than 250 restaurants in 29 states across the United States.

Client Challenges

The client was using Salesforce for their CRM activities and regularly ran marketing campaigns in all the states, where they operated, to reach out to potential customers for their event catering services. They were searching for a market intelligence solution that could be integrated into their CRM system to help them identify and run targeted marketing campaigns for their services.

Solunus Solution

The client approached Solunus to help them evaluate and finalize the right market intelligence product as well as to integrate the product with their Salesforce system. Solunus suggested to the client. is a robust and powerful marketing intelligence solution giving access to millions of contact and account data and a global database from D&B. The entire project was completed within three weeks during which we ensured the following:

  • Integrated with Salesforce CRM using web services (REST API).
  • Customized the search criteria to suit the client’s requirements.
  • Presented the search results to the end-users in the desired format and location.

Business Impact

With this integration effort, the client was able to observe the following improvements:

By integrating the database into their CRMs, the client was able to filter information by prospects according to their search criterion and store it in the desired location inside They can then use this information for sales and marketing activities. This greatly reduced the time spent by the team in downloading the same information repeatedly and ensuring the consistency of data used across the teams.

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