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Online Customer Portal for Financial Services Company

Project Description

  • Industry:
  • Service:
    Online Customer Portal for Financial Services Company
  • Location:
    North America

About This Project

Our client facilitates customer financing of products and services sold by its parent company, a giant computer/hardware manufacturer, through consumer and small business revolving loans and fixed-term business loan and lease financing in Europe

Client Challenges

The client did not have an online customer portal for their EMEA customer-base. All interaction with customers is via phone, email and fax. A dedicated Customer Care team was in place to handle these interactions.

The objectives were:
  • To increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers access to the following information 24/7:  Contracts, Invoices, Asset Registers, Product Information
  • To enable our customers: – Update their asset registers, Manage End of Lease options, submit customer care queries, Manage user access
  • Empowering their customers to self-service their accounts.
  • Reductions in non-value add activities within the care operations team e.g. copy invoices.
  • Attract new customers and retain existing customers
  • Support multiple European languages including English

Solunus Solution

The client chose Salesforce Sales Cloud for their sales team, Service Cloud for their customer care team and Salesforce Communities for their customers.

The solution required significant customization of the portal user interface with custom branding and real-time integration with multiple external systems like Infolease for storing contracts and lease information, RMS System for Assets Information.

They also required specialized portal usage analytics to track and analyze how their customers are using their portal, what products are being viewed more often, proactively monitor what technical issues are their customers facing even before customer escalate the issue to the customer care.

Our solution provided the following benefits:
  • Cost-Effective Implementation
  • Provide customized user experience based on the language, region and time zone of the customer
  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • Custom Report using Visualforce page where standard reports were not feasible
  • Performance-Oriented as Pagination was implemented for all custom list views
  • Custom User Notifications like Welcome Email, Forgot Password
  • Completely customized Portal Usage Tracking functionality

Business Impact

The benefits of the solution include:
  • Improved Customer Engagement through language and region-based localization of content
  • Improved usage of key functionality reports via Salesforce Reporting
  • Reduced email and misinformation, as all key information is communicated through Communities

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