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Custom Order Management Solution Case Study

Project Description

  • Industry:
  • Service:
    Custom Order Management Solution
  • Location:
    North America

About This Project

Our client is a family-owned and operated furniture business that has maintained their reputation as an industry leader supplying premier furniture to the hospitality industry for over 33 years.

The client takes pride in creating and producing high-quality products from world-class craftsmen.

Client Challenges

The client was operating their business based on manual order processing. They did not have an order management system that simplifies and automates their order processing such as sales and purchase orders, material management, Quote-to-Order, and activities such as tracking the manufacturing process of finished samples, drawings as well as pre and post-production stages.

In order to keep up with the growing business, the client required a software solution that automates the above-mentioned business challenges.

In addition, the client also required the proposed software solution to have reports and dashboards with KPI based meaningful metrics for tracking performance.

Solunus Solution

Solunus suggested standard Salesforce implementation along with custom development to the client.

Our solution was customized to fit the client’s unique supply chain requirements and to help the client maintain minimum inventory by capturing material details into the database which in turn allowed the client to efficiently manufacture custom furniture as per Make-to-Order/Just-in-Time inventory management strategy.

We helped the client to capture data pertaining to drawings, samples, materials and provided options to generate a quote from accounts, send the quote to the customer, and eventually convert a quote to an order.

  • Generate quotes from accounts
  • Quote table with line items
  • Products grid for adding additional products into the quote as line items
  • Search & product filter
  • Inline editor to convert quote line items to order items
  • Generate a quote into a pdf file format
  • Email a quote to the customer
  • Convert a quote to order after approval

How Does Whole Process Work?

  1. The client depends on three channels for getting leads and accounts – sales reps, direct customers and design firms.
  2. After an order has been created, all order items will be notified for the pre-production stage, and the material availability will be checked from the Inventory. If the stock is not available, the client will initiate a procurement process.
  3. The material will be supplied by third-party vendors. Once the material is available, the process for making samples and drawings will be initiated.
  4. After the approval of samples and drawings, the 8-stage production will be Initiated.
  5. After production, each part will be assembled followed by shipment process.
  6. Blue Card vs Green Card – To check the status, pre-production process is green card whereas the actual production process is a blue card.

Business Impact

The benefits that the client has witnessed from using the new system are a significant improvement in terms of employee productivity and the overall reduction of production time as a result of the automated manufacturing processes of core activities such as quote generation, pre and post-manufacturing processes and order creation.

In summary, by using our customized order management solution, the client has observed some positive impacts and outcomes in the following areas:

  • Search, display, export, update, and reference all customer data within one user interface
  • Sales reps and other users have access to customer data such as orders, status etc. at their fingertips
  • Order statuses can be viewed online 24×7 from anywhere on any device
  • Maintain customer order history for up-selling and future campaigning
  • Track the material movements and details on demand
  • Minimize stock on-hand and eliminate excess storage
  • Track production stages efficiently and accurately
  • Reduction in Make-to-Order cycle time
  • Reduction in Quote-to-Order cycle time
  • Customer management staff gets empowered by quick and accurate information and handle customers with efficiency

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