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25 Feb

Salesforce Einstein Automate – Thoughts of the Expert

Effective automation of business processes goes a long way in improving organizational efficiency and reducing expenditures. Find out how Salesforce's brand new solution, Einstein Automate, helps ensure seamless automation of your business processes rapidly, with minimal effort.

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01 Feb

Harness Salesforce’s Vaccine Management Solution to Win the War on COVID-19

A worldwide vaccination program, such as the one launched to eradicate COVID-19, can be successful only if various challenges pertaining to dissemination of information, logistics and other key aspects of the program are overcome. Find out how Salesforce Vaccine Cloud helps healthcare authorities resolve the challenges effectively.

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29 Jan

Salesforce Revenue Cloud – The Business Revenue Multiplier

Efficient revenue management goes a long way in helping enhance the bottom line. Find out how you can manage your sales revenues across multiple channels, with minimal cost and effort.

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21 Dec

Dreamforce 2020 TX — Trailblazing Success

Salesforce users across the world connect and discuss their experiences during the company's annual user conference Dreamforce, and one of the important events held as part of Dreamforce 2020 is Trailblazer Experiences (TX). Here is an informative post that lists the key highlights of the four-day virtual conclave.

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08 Dec

Sell Successfully with Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Lead Scoring

Effective scoring of leads goes a long way in ensuring successful sales. Find out how Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Lead Scoring helps companies identify the right leads and turn them into customers.

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