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02 Sep

War on COVID – A Tale of Three Healthcare Organizations and Salesforce

Medical and healthcare organizations are at the frontline of humanity's war on COVID-19. Here's an interesting blog that explains how Salesforce is helping them combat the pandemic.

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01 Sep

7 Solid Reasons to Use a Robust CRM System During COVID-19 and Beyond

Do you wish to be bang on your marketing initiatives and get the maximum share of your customer's wallet? Read on to find out how.

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28 Aug

ArchiveIt – Enabling Growth with Excellent Salesforce Data Quality

It is well-said the growth of a modern business mirrors the quality of its CRM data. How can users of Salesforce systems ensure their marketing and customer data is always clean to harness its full potential?

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21 Aug

A Love Letter to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud from a Bank’s CTO

A leading bank started using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud two years ago, and its CTO is spellbound by the powerful, yet simple application. Here are his feelings, expressed in his own words.

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05 Aug

How Can Home-workers Ensure Cyber-security During COVID-19 (and Beyond)?

COVID-19 – a pandemic that has dramatically altered the corporate landscape. As the pandemic continues in full swing and shows no signs of abating in the near future, companies across the world are taking various steps to protect their human capital and ensure business continuity; one of the most widely-implemented measures initiated by organizations to combat the effects of COVID-19 is allowing their employees to work from their homes.

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