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13 Nov

Tableau CRM – Empowering Business Leaders with Actionable Insights

It is well-said marketing without data is like driving a car with eyes closed. Find out how Tableau CRM empowers business leaders to make the best use of data to achieve success.

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04 Nov

How Salesforce1 Makes Your Business Truly Mobile – The Experts Tell

It has been rightly remarked if business plans don’t include mobile, they are not finished. With global marketing revenues generated through smartphones and tablets growing at a breakneck pace, mobile-enablement has become the top priority of the 21st century business organization.

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21 Oct

Solunus and Pledge 1% — Lending a Helping Hand to Little Kids

It is often said childhood is the greatest gift of life. But, millions of kids across the world are deprived of this wonderful gift – extreme poverty and other socio-economic ills prevent many tiny tots from having nutritious food and education.

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02 Sep

War on COVID – A Tale of Three Healthcare Organizations and Salesforce

Medical and healthcare organizations are at the frontline of humanity's war on COVID-19. Here's an interesting blog that explains how Salesforce is helping them combat the pandemic.

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01 Sep

7 Solid Reasons to Use a Robust CRM System During COVID-19 and Beyond

Do you wish to be bang on your marketing initiatives and get the maximum share of your customer's wallet? Read on to find out how.

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