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Java Microservices – Jr. Consultant


3 to 5 Years

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Implement REST using Spring Boot. 

  • Develop critical logic such as calculating interest based on time, triggering email notifications to end users to repay, and reminding due dates. 

  • Identify bottle-neck bugs, and devise solutions to the problems 

  • Have good knowledge of and implement service layer classes for external use. 

  • Understand clients’ needs, enhancements, and customizations; comprehend software-related issues of clients to provide solutions in adherence to delivery schedules. 

  • Possess good knowledge of and provide information related to software bugs and defects by analyzing and summarizing development and service issues.

Education and Required Experience: 

  • Java8 and +; Spring Boot; Spring Batch. 

  • Apache, MOM (Message Oriented Middleware). 

  • Gradle/Maven, JUnit, Mockito, design patterns. 

  • Microservice design patterns (Domain Driven Design). 

  • Cloud-native experience – with Spring Cloud Services like Spring Cloud Server/Circuit Breaker/Service Registry-Discovery. 

  • Responsible for designing, building, and configuring applications to meet business process and application requirements. 

  • Demonstrating features of products to users and the support team for better understanding and enabling faster resolution. 

  • Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable code and components.

About Solunus

Solunus is a dedicated Salesforce partner organization, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our unrelenting focus on comprehending the unique needs of our clients coupled with our unrivaled expertise of the Salesforce platform enable us to deliver the perfect solutions that create the best value. Our unflinching commitment to quality and affordability has earned us a 100% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score from all our customers.

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