Buyer Consortium Management solution

Buyer Consortium Management Solution

Solunus’ Buyer Consortium Management solution supports the consortium business model and allows consortium members to eliminate redundant administrative costs and ineffective workflows. Our solution allows members to share sensitive information securely and compliantly. It enhances collaboration between buyers and suppliers while providing greater visibility into the supplier performance for buyers to take the right decisions at the right time.

Why Solunus’ Buyer Consortium Management?

A vertical consortium, comprised of competitor companies, may have difficulty in getting all companies in the group to agree on contract terms.

Companies in horizontal consortiums are generally not competitors, but inequity among the members may arise. Smaller companies may feel that the needs of their larger consortium member companies come before their own.

Privacy – With multitudes of commercial data being shared within groups, and between third-parties, data privacy is an utmost concern to all stakeholders.

Solunus’ Buyer Consortium Management simplifies the purchasing process by integrating buyer, supplier, bid and product data into one platform. Our solution extends the Salesforce Sales Cloud to maintain product price books, a log of bids, real-time dashboards, and supplier performance. Solunus’ Buyer Consortium solution brings together the technical solution you need to manage your group procurement process.

Solunus Buyer Consortium Management allows you to:

  • Reduce administrative resources.
  • Log historical bid-data
  • Conduct procurement process with paperless workflows.
  • Record supplier performance to make data-driven decisions.
  • Seamlessly integrate with CRM and ERP.
  • Manage identity of each stakeholder in the consortium with unique permissions.
  • Securely access and share trusted information among stakeholders.
  • Have a cost and time-saving system.
  • Ensure success and mitigate risk.

Streamline and centralize consortium data

Maintains a central repository of supplier data for you to make smart sourcing decisions. Solunus’ buyer consortium management solution provides a centralized platform to manage product price books, bids and ensures visibility of crucial supplier information to support procurement decisions.

No additional software needed, use your existing Salesforce instance

Wondering how to get started? Our team will make it easy for you to manage your consortium procurements, accelerate approvals, manage suppliers and manufacturers, reduce sourcing time, and more without adding new software.

Easy integration with other Salesforce products

Seamlessly integrates with Lightning, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, providing a complete integrated ecosystem, on the Salesforce platform for your entire procurement lifecycle.

Map and document bidding process

With vast proliferation of suppliers in the consortium bidding process, Solunus’ Buyer Consortium maintains an auditable log of bids, a selected group of primary suppliers, and records the awarded or rejected supplier for each product.

View and track spend against budgets

Provides real-time budget management and visibility for consortium members, so they can understand the budget impact before selecting a bid. Solunus Buyer Consortium Management’s real-time dashboards for each product track the changes in the price value and current spend against goals.

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