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Ensure smooth buyer consortium management

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Buyer Consortium


Streamline your purchasing process to get the best value

  • Log and manage historical bid-data with minimal effort

  • Execute procurement process with highly efficient workflows

  • Record supplier performance without any hassles

  • Manage the identity of each stakeholder securely

  • Provide easy, secure access to confidential information

Key benefits of using this solution

Streamline and centralize supplier data in an effective manner

Create a centralized repository of supplier data to make smart sourcing decisions; manage product-price books and bids and ensure full supplier data visibility to support procurement decisions.

Use your Salesforce instance to manage all buying activities easily

Manage all buying activities using only your Salesforce system; map and document the bidding process for total transparency and integrate all consortium-based buying data with Salesforce.

Get the best ROI and do away with expensive third-party software

Ensure transparent management of budgets in real time and track changes in prices and expenditure effectively. Eliminate costly third-party applications to manage purchasing activities.

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