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15 Aug

Get Started with CRM

CRM is a software tool—uses by firms—to manage sales pipeline, establish trust, and build a long term relation with customers. Gartner defines CRM as a business strategy that is customer focused and consists of eight building blocks – vision, strategy, customer experience, organizational collaboration, processes, information, metrics, and technology.

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15 Jul

Practical Guide to Cloud Vendors Evaluation

Cloud is becoming an essential part of an organization’s IT strategy, however, many organizations still don’t know how to get their cloud journey started. Organizations considering moving their critical applications to the cloud must first adopt a well-rounded approach to evaluating cloud offerings as there are too many vendors who have flocked to this space in order to catch on to the ‘cloud wave’.

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15 Jun

Cloud Disrupting Healthcare

The healthcare industry once was one of the slowest fields to adopt new technologies. This has to do with the fears around security and the privacy of patient data. Healthcare companies always preferred to keep data onsite hiding behind firewalls as opposed to maintaining it on something as intangible as the cloud.

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15 May

Which Digital Quadrant Are You In?

We live in data-driven, data dominated the digital world where data is not the new oil but it is the new air. The Intelligence Management Model by Ralf Haberich classifies digital workers into four geographical fields of data-competence and shows that Chief Digital Office (CDO) is a hot new profile—a person who is the most important key player for the company’s success in a data dominant world. CDO requires to have the most ‘Digital Intelligence Maturity’.

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15 Apr

Achieving Cloud Compliance with the Right Cloud Service

The following aspects help choose the right CSP for your cloud implementation: 1. Complying with Regulatory Standards 2. Locating Data Center 3. User Access 4. Data Encryption

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