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28 Mar

Most Common Challenges in Salesforce Integration

Businesses today use multiple applications for different purposes like Sales, HR and Finance, Operations, Service, etc. to enhance their operational efficiency. Most of these applications are used to resolve business complications and issues, but the problem is they don’t talk to each other.

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16 Mar

Salesforce Org Migration Best Practices

Companies go through a lot of changes. Mergers and acquisitions, companies, spinning off, or getting dissolved, these are all part and parcel in a business scenario. But can your IT road map overcome the future complex hurdles?

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28 Feb

How can Salesforce help your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives?

ABM is a strategic approach, one-on-one approach, and is typically focused on those few enterprise-level companies with more than 1000 employees that have a high chance of adding to your bottom line.

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14 Feb

CRM Metrics – Defining What Matters

Being a consultant in the CRM space for over two decades, I worked for many customer implementations from multiple industries with varied sizes. A key question that often comes my way is ‘How we bring improvement to some or all aspects of CRM?’

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15 Dec

Measuring Salesforce CRM Investment—Looking at Metrics, ROI & Beyond

Salesforce CRM platform focuses on sales, marketing, customer service, and IT departments, metrics related to these departments will help the management understand the extent of benefits generated by the deployment of Salesforce CRM.

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