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14 Feb

CRM Metrics – Defining What Matters

Being a consultant in the CRM space for over two decades, I worked for many customer implementations from multiple industries with varied sizes. A key question that often comes my way is ‘How we bring improvement to some or all aspects of CRM?’

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15 Dec

Measuring Salesforce CRM Investment—Looking at Metrics, ROI & Beyond

Salesforce CRM platform focuses on sales, marketing, customer service, and IT departments, metrics related to these departments will help the management understand the extent of benefits generated by the deployment of Salesforce CRM.

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15 Nov

An Important Question Managers Often Ignore: Is CRM Truly Necessary

Over the past decade, CRM solutions have become one of the ten business tools used by firms—big and small—to improve revenue, profitability, and organizational efficiency. Despite the popularity of these platforms, instances of CRM failures are alarmingly high with some studies indicating that a staggering seven out of ten deployments fail to generate any real value for the organization.

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15 Oct

Shaping Up Brand Strategy with Social CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has evolved from on-premise customer driven solution and live-chat system to cloud-based on-demand software with social media, analytics, and mobile integration. By embracing social media as an integral part of the system, CRM has now become smarter than ever. It helps businesses to stay in touch with their customers and prospects by following them, listening to their conversations over social media, and engaging with them in real-time without leaving the CRM.

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15 Sep

Salesforce Spanking New Interface. Are You Ready for Aura & Lightning Experience?

Exciting news for Salesforce users! Coming this October is Salesforce’s newly revamped user interface called ‘Lightning Experience’. With the ‘Lightning Experience’, you will say goodbye to the boring row of tabs across the top and say hello to the vertical navigation menu!

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