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08 Nov

What can you expect from Dreamforce 2019?

As the time gets closer for the flagship event of Salesforce – Dreamforce 2019, there’s more buzz online and among Salesforce community about it. For those who are new to Salesforce, Dreamforce is the biggest annual event of Salesforce, and one of the most significant technology events San Francisco has ever witnessed.

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15 Sep

How to manage Salesforce data growth in a secure, cost-effective, and easy way?

Businesses globally are using the data to transform themselves to become more agile, customer-centric, and to remain on the competitive edge. If they are to introduce new business models or develop new strategies, this data is what helps them to analyze and do the business right.

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30 Aug

Sales Cloud – Your Path to Sales Glory

The sales department plays a vital role in the success of any organization's business because they are responsible for making sales, growing the business, and retaining existing customers. The sales team needs to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products/services that the organization offers to fulfil their needs.

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14 Aug

The Most Comprehensive Way to Manage Your Field Sales – Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Managing field service has changed a lot since the time of Ghostbusters. And yet, companies are finding it challenging to manage their team of service technicians or field agents efficiently.

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24 Jul

Unconventional yet the most important benefits of hiring a Salesforce Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Salesforce is undoubtedly the most powerful and versatile technology used by businesses today. Why not? It offers a great variety of CRM categories and systems to meet business needs, from Sales Cloud to the recent IoT; it serves more than 150,000 customers. It helps companies of all sizes streamline their business processes and increase their revenues with award-winning account and contact management, sales automation, lead scoring, lead management & forecasting.

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