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15 Oct

Shaping Up Brand Strategy with Social CRM

Introduction to Social CRM It must be a dream of any customer-centric company to have a magic crystal ball that helps predict the changes in customer behavior and expectations. In reality, it is quite a challenge to predict where, when, and how these changes are going to take place. Sales, marketing, and customer service are […]

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15 Sep

Salesforce Spanking New Interface. Are You Ready for Aura & Lightning Experience?

Exciting news for Salesforce users! Coming this October is Salesforce’s newly revamped user interface called ‘Lightning Experience’. With the ‘Lightning Experience’, you will say goodbye to the boring row of tabs across the top and say hello to the vertical navigation menu! Although, the company has been upgrading its systems and services 47 times since […]

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15 Aug

Super Six Pack Apps from Salesforce AppExchange [Infographic]

AppExchange Facts There are more than 300 apps on AppExchange that are Salesforce1 ready Out of the 2600+ apps available on AppExchange, 44% of them are free 70% or more fortune 100 companies use one or more apps from AppExchange Super Six Pack Apps AppExchange is a marketplace for Salesforce apps that helps businesses extend Salesforce […]

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15 Jul

Know Your Customers to Win Holiday Marketing War [Infographic]

Do you know 2 billion dollars in sales occurred on Cyber Monday alone, making it the biggest online spending day in the US history? When it comes to winning a holiday marketing war in the digital age, the competitions can be intense, especially, if your major competitors are very creative with the campaigns targeting social/internet […]

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15 Jun

Win at Customer Service in an Omni-Channel World with Salesforce Service Cloud

An Omni-Channel World The use of social networking via smartphones were unheard of a decade ago. This rapid evolution of technology has led to a paradigm shift in the challenges faced by companies seeking to engage with its customers—existing and potential—in a meaningful manner. Technology has also led to the development of an omni-channel world where customers watch […]

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