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24 Jul

Unconventional yet the most important benefits of hiring a Salesforce Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Salesforce is undoubtedly the most powerful and versatile technology used by businesses today. Why not? It offers a great variety of CRM categories and systems to meet business needs, from Sales Cloud to the recent IoT; it serves more than 150,000 customers. It helps companies of all sizes streamline their business processes and increase their revenues with award-winning account and contact management, sales automation, lead scoring, lead management & forecasting.

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11 Jul

What are the best ways to follow up when you hear nothing from your prospect?

Now that you have researched enough on whom to go after, you need ways to actually follow up (the best part comes now) – WITHOUT ANNOYING. Most of the salespeople are persistent in their efforts, which is good. But often than not, they don’t interest the prospects very well with their approach. When salespeople are trying to touch base, prospects are aware that they are trying to nudge them for a response and move one step ahead in the sales cycle.

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30 Jun

How Salesforce is marking its stance with Blockchain Technology

We all have been so dependent on technology that none of us can think of surviving sans it. We also expect technology to evolve by each day for better experience and ROI. Blockchain is one such technology that has given us a brand new reason to be happy and feel secure in this data-driven era. By definition, Blockchain is a growing list of records linked using cryptography.

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15 Jun

6 Ways Cloud Technology is Evolving the Business

Cloud technology is making strides in the market, and many companies have already started integrating it into their processes. Sales and marketing are the key sectors that have benefitted the most. It has changed the way businesses deal with their customers, store their data, and access it anytime.

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30 May

There’s a High Demand for Salesforce Skills. How Do You Choose Your Dream Company?

The demand for skilled Salesforce population is vast and increasing, how has Salesforce gained this popularity? Well, for the starters, it’s continuously named as one of the best places to work. Not just that, Salesforce is named in the recent rating of the best jobs by Indeed. Why is that different?

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