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15 May

Which Digital Quadrant Are You In?

We live in data driven, data dominated digital world where data is not the new oil but it is the new air. The Intelligence Management Model by Ralf Haberich classifies digital workers into four geographical fields of data-competence and shows that Chief Digital Office (CDO) is a hot new profile—a person who is the most important key player for […]

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15 Apr

Achieving Cloud Compliance with the Right Cloud Service

The following aspects helps choose a right CSP for your cloud implementation: Complying with Regulatory Standards Owing to the wide reach of the cloud services, the regulatory agencies and standard bodies emphasize on a safe and secure cloud implementation through their latest guidelines and compliance updates. CSPs should be chosen in a way that their […]

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15 Mar

Cloud Computing Explained

Even though more and more enterprises are jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon, surprisingly many are still left confused and not able to take advantage of it.Cloud computing opens up the possibility of businesses getting into whole new markets that they could never address before. At Solunus, we strive to assemble cloud solutions that enable […]

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15 Feb

9 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing has emerged and paved its way forward at an unprecedented pace. It has managed to simultaneously transform business and government giving rise to new security challenges. The emergence of the cloud service model provides business supporting technology with an increased efficiency than ever before. The paradigm shift from server to service has revolutionized […]

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15 Jan

Why Should Companies Say I Do to Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing provides the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to utilize cloud infrastructures, platforms, and solutions to transform their business and create new business capabilities. Gene Marcial gave the perfect meaning of cloud in his article for Forbes;“Cloud is a series of application servers in remote locations accessible on the internet that enables dissemination of communications, […]

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