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15 Mar

Salesforce Higher Ed: A Force to Be Reckoned with

Higher education institutions are facing many new challenges as the world becomes connected. Some are having a hard time attracting and retaining students as a result of shifting demographics, changing delivery mechanism of courses, rising tuition, having legacy systems that are difficult to use, lack mobile and social connect, etc. Salesforce Higher Ed offers end-to-end […]

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15 Feb

Salesforce IoT Cloud Makes Internet of Things Dream

We are hearing news about wearables and connected devices every day. The Wi-Fi-enabled fridge and a number of Wi-Fi-enabled household items have already hit the stores. Coca-Cola unveiled internet-connected vending machine while Burger King—the Coca-Cola company—installed over 2,000 internet-connected soda fountains called Coca-Cola Freestyle all over the US. So, there is no doubt the estimation […]

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15 Jan

Improve CRM Data Quality to Accelerate Success [Infographic]

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key to building the connection between company and customers for long-term relationships. Since CRM gives organizations tools to automate their business processes and to manage all of the customer details and interactions, it makes a huge impact on the profit figures and productivity. CRM relieves organizations from administrative burdens […]

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15 Dec

The Keys to Drive User Acceptance and Adoption of CRM

In a hyper-competitive market where even small companies can leverage e-commerce, social media, and the Internet to cater to a global audience, there has been a steady and sustained increase in the deployment of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for greater efficiency and increased profitability. Who would have thought that a local bakery in New Jersy […]

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15 Nov

5 Reasons to Enrich Your CRM with Big Data

The Industrial Revolution was fueled primarily by coal. The boom after WWII was fueled by oil and gas. Today, companies are trying to accelerate and sustain growth by combining the IT Revolution with the modern-day fuel that empowers the business—data. In the past, production, marketing, purchasing and selling decisions were made based on limited data […]

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