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15 Jun

6 Ways Cloud Technology is Evolving the Business

Cloud technology is making strides in the market, and many companies have already started integrating it into their processes. Sales and marketing are the key sectors that have benefitted the most. It has changed the way businesses deal with their customers, store their data, and access it anytime.

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30 May

There’s a High Demand for Salesforce Skills. How Do You Choose Your Dream Company?

The demand for skilled Salesforce population is vast and increasing, how has Salesforce gained this popularity? Well, for the starters, it’s continuously named as one of the best places to work. Not just that, Salesforce is named in the recent rating of the best jobs by Indeed. Why is that different?

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15 May

Why companies should respond to Salesforce Critical Updates

Periodic updates pertaining to organization-wide limitations, governor limits, etc. are released by Salesforce to improve the usability, stability and system performance. Because these updates may affect the existing customizations, Salesforce lists them in “Critical Updates”.

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30 Apr

Why move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning? Should you rush?

Salesforce Lightning is not just about user experience; it’s a way to make your sales team more productive. Sales managers don’t want their team to spend time learning new software, struggling to find quicker ways to do tasks, spend time on more clicks and be on the field selling. Salesforce Lightning helps the sales teams to sell faster, work more productively, and make better decisions.

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17 Apr

Ten reasons why Salesforce is the best CRM for manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies are very different from other industries. And in these changing times, manufacturing companies are aiming to become more customer-centric and what’s a better solution than CRM? CRM for Manufacturing helps businesses to improve their sales pipeline, customer service, product quality, warehouse management, and return on investment. But, which CRM is right for manufacturing businesses?

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