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14 May

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – A Business Game Changer

Salesforce is a world-class CRM solution connecting clients and brands, and there is no room for doubt here. It offers a unified CRM platform that enables a company to have a wholesome view of its customers within no time. Within Salesforce, out of multiple cloud solution options catering to different needs, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the one with a fantabulous feature to conquer the business world.

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24 Apr

The 1-step “configurable” solution for Salesforce Audit Trails

Limitless yet simple Audit Trails in Salesforce? Discover 360° Field History Tracking by Solunus, your configurable & extensible solution.

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16 Apr

Why Your Organization Should Choose Salesforce Service Cloud to Succeed?

Most common customer service challenges and how to handle them using the Salesforce Service Cloud.

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26 Mar

How Artificial Intelligence is helping sales teams to do more

'Selling isn't easy' – Not really. It's easy when you know how to do it. Most of the salespeople are reluctant to perform basic sales activities like prospecting, cold calling, or for that matter, converting.

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19 Mar

Responding to the Outbreak of COVID19 Pandemic

Today we are going through a truly unprecedented situation. The serious COVID – 19 pandemic has been causing a huge impact on people’s lives, families, businesses, and communities. How we, at Solunus, are approaching the situation amidst this crisis.

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