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28 Jul

Solunus for the Society – We’re Now a Part of the 1% Pledge Movement

Solunus Inc. is glad to announce it has joined the 1% Pledge movement, a country-wide not-for-profit initiative, encouraging businesses to actively contribute to noble causes. The employees and the leadership team of one of the fastest-growing Salesforce partners in North America will now join hands with the movement and spend 1% of their time to support underprivileged sections of the communities they live in.

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10 Jul

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Enterprises Tackle Customer Service Challenges

AI plays a vital role in revolutionizing customer service. Salesforce Einstein Analytics helps get the maximum benefit of AI-enabled customer service programs.

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17 Jun

Community Cloud – Empowering Customers with the Information They Need

Nearly 73% of customers prefer to solve their product or service issues themselves. Find out how Salesforce Community Cloud enables effective customer self-service and helps deliver personalized support.

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05 Jun

ArchiveIt – The Ultimate Solution to Your Salesforce Data Governance Issues

Do Salesforce data issues give you sleepless nights? ArchiveIt, a cutting-edge data archival and purging solution, can help you ensure seamless and cost-effective Salesforce data governance. Find out how.

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27 May

Craving some office space after extended WFH

The government is gradually allowing businesses to reopen; hence, several companies are considering resuming offices soon. Amid these uncertainties, how will you ensure your office is safe for you and others? Read our blog for more details on precautions to be taken before and after resuming regular office.

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