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21 Dec

Dreamforce 2020 TX — Trailblazing Success

Salesforce users across the world connect and discuss their experiences during the company's annual user conference Dreamforce, and one of the important events held as part of Dreamforce 2020 is Trailblazer Experiences (TX). Here is an informative post that lists the key highlights of the four-day virtual conclave.

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08 Dec

Sell Successfully with Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Lead Scoring

Effective scoring of leads goes a long way in ensuring successful sales. Find out how Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Lead Scoring helps companies identify the right leads and turn them into customers.

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07 Dec

The Exciting Story of Slack, Salesforce and the Business User

The acquisition of Slack by Salesforce is one of the most widely discussed topics on the Internet. But, what does the mega-deal really mean for the business user? Check out this interesting post to find out.

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02 Dec

Salesforce Commerce Cloud — The Gateway to B2B E-Commerce Success

The B2B world is fast changing – the digital revolution has dramatically transformed the way companies choose vendors and buy products.

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13 Nov

Tableau CRM – Empowering Business Leaders with Actionable Insights

It is well-said marketing without data is like driving a car with eyes closed. Find out how Tableau CRM empowers business leaders to make the best use of data to achieve success.

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