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Why Should Companies Say I Do to Cloud Computing?

15 Jan

Cloud computing provides the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to utilize cloud infrastructures, platforms, and solutions to transform their business and create new business capabilities.

Gene Marcial gave the perfect meaning of cloud in his article for Forbes;“Cloud is a series of application servers in remote locations accessible on the internet that enables dissemination of communications, computations and data storage. It’s not only a cost cutter but a productivity booster for small and big companies alike.”

While most enterprises lay down the long-term plans and strategies for cloud adoption, SMEs jumps onto the cloud bandwagon quickly as cloud brings them the opportunities to gain access to shared computer processing resources and enterprise applications they could never afford previously.

Cloud is no longer an emerging technology. It addresses real business needs and helps accelerate innovation and growth. These benefits can’t be missed.

The top 5 most tangible benefits of cloud

  • 1. Hybrid
    Cloud computing comes in three different flavors: public, private, and hybrid. However, hybrid cloud with multiple external cloud solutions using a mix of cloud and dedicated (on-premise) IT systems seems to be the most preferred choice for SMEs to large enterprises.
  • 2. As-a-Service Operating Model
    Businesses are moving towards cloud to take advantage of the flexibility to access infrastructure, platform, and software services in multi-tenancy environment providing the options to scale up or down whenever they business requirements for bandwidth, storage, processing power, etc. changed.
  • 3. Development Platform
    Open, cloud-based platforms are empowering businesses to develop, test, and deploy software applications and solutions quickly cutting down software development lifecycle from months to hours.
  • 4. Data and Analytics
    Key decision makers are interested more and more in investing their money in cloud analytics solutions as the insight-driven data and analytics capabilities help them direct their strategies to maximize profits.
  • 5. Mobility
    What matter most for the users of CRM or ERP systems is to have those valuable customer data or inventory information right at their fingertips. SaaS providers are delivering mobile apps which provide the new level of mobility enabling businesses to collaborate and work 24/7, establish a global presence, and to improve customer engagement.

Now you know why the atmosphere in the cloud is getting cloudy – all for the good reasons, right? Say I do and get onto the cloud!

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