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ArchiveIt is a very robust, user-friendly point-and-click data governance product developed for Salesforce users. Leverage its novel capabilities to handle your CRM data with minimal effort and expenditure.

Empower your business with ArchiveIt to ensure success


Create a Robust Data Governance Framework

ArchiveIt helps you develop a well-defined data model; it helps archive obsolete or unused data and optimize the storage of your Salesforce data.


Get High Data Quality with Minimal Effort

You can use ArchiveIt to identify incomplete and/or inconsistent data with minimal effort and purge the data; the tool also allows you deduplicate data without any loss of data and automate database cleanups.


Store and Retrieve Data with Minimal Expenditure

You can use ArchiveIt to store and retrieve data with little effort because it is fully integrated with Lightning Connect and helps automate the data storage process.


Set Up and Test Sandbox Data Seamlessly

ArchiveIt helps you set up test data in no time, after a sandbox refresh; you can also ensure absolute safety of the data and migrate data from the test environment to the production server very quickly.


Track and Audit Data Easily

Track changes to specified objects and recover the data pertaining to any point of time; users can know which data objects have been modified and the changes made to each object.


Ensure 100% Compliance to Regulatory Standards

You can use ArchiveIt to fully comply with the GDPR, the CCPA and provisions of the SEC; you can also anonymize data, purge unnecessary data and store data in the country of its origin.

Key Benefits of ArchiveIt


No coding needed

You can use ArchiveIt without any programming; all you need to do point your cursor and click.


Maximize system performance

Enjoy high levels of system performance by storing only the required data in your Salesforce system.


Optimize data storage

Leverage ArchiveIt's process-oriented data archival capability to reduce data storage expenditure by at least 90%.


Migrate data safely

Transfer data from one Salesforce org to another very securely, without losing any data.


Handle data quickly

Automate your data governance process with ArchiveIt to reduce the time required to handle data by nearly 70%.


Integration with Salesforce

ArchiveIt is fully integrated with Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Salesforce Lightning.

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