ArchiveIt is an automated archive and purge policy solution for the platform to manage data volume, quality, security while saving costs. It helps to move the older data that is important to the business or that needs to be retained for future regulatory compliance requirements. It also supports Salesforce Lightning Connect.

Why ArchiveIt?

One of the critical aspects of managing a business today is to manage its exponential data growth. One way is to identify inactive business data and archive it to a secure storage location. Today, irrespective of the size of the Salesforce implementation, enterprises experience an exponential rise in the Salesforce data.

Because of data growth, many companies eventually face Salesforce data storage limitations. Purchasing additional storage can be very expensive, mainly if email and other group collaboration applications are used.

Some companies in a few industries are required to retain their business data for regulatory requirements, such as document files, email messages, and old database records. ArchiveIt solves the data challenges for the Salesforce platform. It helps organizations with Data Quality, Data Protection, and Data Compliance needs. Our solution includes a comprehensive archiving mechanism to archive or delete data as required.

Data Quality - Improve quality and the experience of your users by implementing Archive and Purge practices.

Data Protection - Prevent data loss by implementing archiving rather than deleting data.

Data Compliance - Ensure legal and government requirements are adhered by purging data past its life cycle and anonymizing it.

ArchiveIt allows you to:

  • Keep your ageing yet crucial business data safe.
  • Optimize data storage usage by utilizing the allocated data storage.
  • Reduce primary storage consumption and related costs.
  • Retain business data for operational or regulatory requirements.
  • Enable consistent application performance.
  • Quickly respond to an eDiscovery request.
  • Have greater control of your information processes.
  • Consolidate data to bring considerable improvements to your users’ proficiency.

Consistent System Performance

Growing amounts of Salesforce data can result in non-responsive and slower query performance, impacting the user experience. Even standard functions like reports can show degraded performance. With the right archiving processes, only relevant and active data will be stored within Salesforce, hence enabling better performance of listviews, search, queries, and reports.

Reduce Storage Costs

The most significant benefit of archiving process is it reduces the cost of primary storage, which is typically expensive. To ensure you stay in data limit, reuse allocated data storage for your more relevant data and archive under-used data to a separate location. ArchiveIt saves up to 80% of storage costs.

Comply with Regulations

Most companies in industries like Banking and Financial Service, Government, Legal, Healthcare, Insurance, Energy and Life Sciences, are required to retain data for specific lengths of time due to regulatory compliance such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data archiving helps to stay within compliance guidelines and avoid penalties for violation.

Data Masking

ArchiveIt’s Data Masking creates test data in your testing environments from production. It raises the level of security and privacy assurance by shielding confidential data, like SSN, DoB, Contact number, Credit card information, etc.

Automatic Archive and Purge

Our solution allows you to configure the logic to schedule and identify data that needs to be removed or even replicated to a secure cloud environment. Your implemented archive and purge process runs automatically in the background.

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