ArchiveIt is a simple point-and-click data archival and purge policy solution for the Salesforce platform to ensure seamless data governance with minimal costs. Its unique features allow users to access and retrieve data, perform data deduplication and cleanup activities, share data across orgs, automate the execution of data policies and do much more, in an effective and hassle-free manner.

Why ArchiveIt?

Critical aspects of managing a business today include managing exponential data growth and limiting legal liabilities. These challenges can be overcome by identifying and archiving data that is not useful and doesn’t contribute to legal compliance.

When it comes to Salesforce data storage limitations, purchasing additional storage is very expensive and it will not improve the data quality.

ArchiveIt solves data challenges for the Salesforce platform. It helps organizations ensure high data quality, minimize data volume and comply with regulatory norms. Our solution includes a comprehensive archiving mechanism to archive or purge data as required.

ArchiveIt is the flagship product of Workbox, a pioneer in developing data archiving, purging, backup and recovery solutions. Solunus is a strategic partner for ArchiveIt and sells licenses and provides implementation and maintenance services for ArchiveIt globally.

An Excellent Opportunity to Resolve Data Issues and Collect $200,000

Consistent Application Performance

Growing volumes of Salesforce data can result in poor query performance; even commonly-used functions like reports can exhibit slower performance. This could negatively affect user experiences. With the right archiving processes, only relevant and active data will be stored within Salesforce, enabling better application performance.

Significant ROI

  • Minimizes storage costs - saves up to 90% of storage costs
  • Reduces data governance time – saves up to 70% of the time by enabling process-oriented archival
  • Improves user productivity and experience
  • Helps reduce and avoid data-related risks

Full Compliance to Regulatory Standards

ArchiveIt helps you ensure full compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). ArchiveIt can be used to automatically purge data that is no longer needed and anonymize the data. It also allows you to store data in the country of its origin and retrieve it when required.

Data Masking

ArchiveIt allows companies to mask sensitive data in test environments, thereby ensuring the safety of the data. Customer data containing confidential information such as the dates of birth, social security details, telephone numbers, credit card details and so on are encrypted so that unauthorized persons cannot access it.

Enhances Data Quality and Data Usage

ArchiveIt helps you create a robust data governance framework, which allows you to eliminate irrelevant data from the system. This will go a long way in enhancing the effectiveness of marketing programs; users can find the data required to target the right customers easily and make the best use of it.

Quick and Seamless Access to Archived Data

Users can search and access archived data with minimal effort. They can make changes to data and share it to multiple users with just a few clicks. ArchiveIt is fully integrated with Salesforce Lightning Connect, enabling you to use archived objects as if they were custom objects in your org.

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