ArchiveIt is the simple point and click data archiving and purge policy solution for the Salesforce platform to manage data governance, compliance and quality while saving costs. Features include easy access and restore, data deduplication and cleanup, sharing data across orgs, automatic policy execution, and much more!

Why ArchiveIt?

Critical aspects of managing a business today include managing exponential data growth and limiting legal liabilities. One way to rectify these risks is to identify inactive or ineffective business data as well as data falling out of legal compliance and archiving it to a secure storage location.

When it comes to Salesforce data storage limitations, purchasing additional storage is very expensive wherein it will not improve the data quality.

ArchiveIt solves the data challenges for the Salesforce platform. It helps organizations with Data Quality, Data Volume, and Data Compliance needs. Our solution includes a comprehensive archiving mechanism to archive or purge data as required.

ArchiveIt is a flagship product of Workbox, a pioneer in Archiving, Purging, Backup, and Recovery solutions. Solunus, a strategic partner for ArchiveIt, sells licenses and provides implementation and maintenance services for ArchiveIt globally

Consistent Application Performance

Growing amounts of Salesforce data can result in non-responsive and slower query performance, impacting the user experience. Even standard functions like reports can show degraded performance. With the right archiving processes, only relevant and active data will be stored within Salesforce, hence enabling better application performance.

Significant ROI

  • Reduced storage costs - saves up to 90% of storage costs
  • Reduced time – saves up to 70% of the time by automating test data creation in test environments.
  • Improved user productivity and experience
  • Risk reduction and avoidance
  • Greater marketing Effectiveness
  • Compliance

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

ArchiveIt ensures legal and government requirements are adhered to by purging data past its life cycle and anonymizing it. Data is stored in the country of origin and can be easily identified for appropriate action.

Data Masking

ArchiveIt’s mass update feature enables you to schedule updates for data that falls out of process or even masking sensitive data in test environments. It raises the level of security and privacy assurance by shielding confidential data, like SSN, DoB, Contact number, Credit card information, etc.

Improve Data Quality and Data Usage

Improves the quality and the experience of your users by implementing Archive and Purge practices. By removing non-value data, users and marketing programs are much more productive. Users can find value add data quicker, and marketing programs target appropriate customers using valuable data.

Easy access to archived data within Salesforce

Easily search, import, or permanently purge archived data directly from the Archive Data Tab. Deliver archived data to your users and relate to your Salesforce data through custom links, within your page layouts, or even as related lists utilizing Lightning Connect. With ArchiveIt and Lightning Connect, you can leverage your archived objects as if they were custom objects within your org.

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