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Solunus helps businesses transform and automate configuration, pricing, and quoting of complex products and services

Every salesperson in a company must spend time on selling, but according to a few studies it’s seen that sales reps spend only about 22% of their time selling. Traditional sales are a thing of the past, today the way people are buying is evolving. Hence it’s time you evolve your ‘selling.’ CPQ is a game changer for sales. Forward-thinking sales teams have embraced the digital realm and are leveraging complex configuration, intelligent pricing, and automated quoting capabilities. With Apttus CPQ, leading enterprises are gaining improvements in maximizing deal size, eliminating errors, and faster sales cycles.

Why Configure-Price-Quote software?

Most of the product and service-based businesses face complexities in terms of changing product/service catalogs, multi-channel selling strategies, and the impact of the market on pricing changes. On top of these daunting complexities, sales representatives are required to navigate complex technical and process challenges to serve the customer.

Enter CPQ – the vital business process between CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Even if your sales process involves complex product configuration, regional differences, customer-specific pricing, and existing contractual agreements, Apttus CPQ helps.

Apttus Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) offers sales personnel the opportunity to quickly configure and price complex products or services, select the best options to meet their clients’ needs, review promotions, negotiate the best deal, create robust contacts, and take advantage of up-sell or renewal opportunities all with seamlessly automated workflows. Apttus Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) is more than just a sales tool; it’s a way to transforming businesses. It allows sales teams to get on the field and do something they are best at, closing deals!

For companies looking to automate their traditional sales processes with CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) implementations, Solunus brings the power of our industry experience in transforming quote-to-order.

Configure: Whether your customer needs simple or complex product bundles, Solunus helps you create valid product configurations with user-friendly, dynamic interfaces.

  • Eliminate long training hours and encourage guided selling with recommendations
  • Reduce the dependency on product engineering and collaboration
  • Configure the solution in the field instantly and directly
  • Configure and manage subscription annuities, contracts, agreements, and renewals

Price: Solunus helps you determine optimal pricing and apply discounts that match both your company objectives and customer requests while improving the margins.

  • Provide consistent pricing and discounting data based on promotions
  • Provide deal metrics such as cost, discounts, margins, and profitability
  • Encourage rapid approvals by notifying the right approver

Quote: Solunus allows you to differentiate your organization’s quote from the competitors and empowers your sales team to create professional proposals quickly.

  • Automate proposals, brand quotes, contracts with accurate specifics
  • Automate the generation of dynamic contracts
  • Provide sales reps to personalize the quotations
  • Integrate with e-signature applications for speeding up the process

Sell more in less time

Eliminate manual quoting process, respond to customer inquiries faster, reduce iterations, and shorten sales cycle times.

Drive business-wide accuracy

Ensure automatic compliance with the product, pricing, and business rules.

Maximize deal size

Up-sell and cross-sell with guided discounting for improved margins.

Eliminate waste and maximize margins

Ensure 100% accuracy across all quotes and orders.

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