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Achieving Cloud Compliance with the Right Cloud Service

15 Apr

The following aspects helps choose a right CSP for your cloud implementation:

  • Complying with Regulatory Standards

Owing to the wide reach of the cloud services, the regulatory agencies and standard bodies emphasize on a safe and secure cloud implementation through their latest guidelines and compliance updates. CSPs should be chosen in a way that their regulatory policies and procedures are in line with that of your business.

  • Locating the Data Center

During audits, it becomes crucial to know the location of the data and also to ensure that it is has all security measures in place. The CSPs need to provide a proper documentation showing the data location.

  • User Access

Safeguarding the user access to data is one of the key aspects and must be followed by an appropriate allocation of the controls. A proper documentation for user access has to be acquired from the CSP.

  • Data Encryption

Due to multitenancy, there might be issues with one customer of the CSP accessing the data of the other. Organizations must validate the data encryption with the help of their CSP and secure their data.

Though the CSPs realize the significance of achieving compliance, it is also the responsibility of the organizations to contribute for a successful cloud implementation.