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Salesforce and Box.com Integration Case Study

About This Project

The client is a leading provider of disability insurance across the United States.

The Challenge

Our client used Salesforce CRM to help maintaining relationship with very large number of customers across the US. Multiple files were required to store each of their customers’ information. When all the data stored in a single CRM system, the excessive data accumulation led to data obesity—a situation where searching and accessing data became tedious and slow. The client needed Solunus to suggest the best long-term solution to the problem.

Solunus Solution

In order to speed up the application’s performance, Solunus suggested the client to free up an internal space by using an external storage. Looking into the specific requirements of the client, Solunus recommended Box.com as a storage for files, attachments and other related documents. The key information was maintained in Salesforce.com while the files and documents were stored in folders accessible through Box.com links in the Salesforce system. The entire project was completed within four weeks, during which we ensured the following:

  • Flawless integration of Salesforce CRM with Box.com
  • Migration of data from Salesforce.com to Box.com
  • Creating links for Box.com folder paths

Business Impact

With this integration effort, the client was able to observe the following improvements:

  • A marked improvement in Salesforce speed and system performance.
  • The client found it easier to maintain the data and to filter the necessary information when needed.
  • Salesforce users were able to better manage their content within the system i.e they were able to view content in the context of specific Salesforce records, update documents directly from Salesforce using Box Edit, utilize other Box collaboration features like commenting and task management and were able to keep sales in sync by tracking which content has been shared with which prospects.

Salesforce and Box.com Integration Case Study


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