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Sales Cloud Custom Order Management and SAGE 100 Sync for Manufacturer

About This Project

The client ranked among top 75 tire companies in the world. Their two consumer brands include a full range of summer and winter tires for passenger cars, ultra high performance vehicles, SUVs, CUVs, light trucks and off-road vehicles.

The Challenge

The client needed Solunus’ professional services to implement Salesforce CRM that fits their unique sales processes which had been done entirely through manual processes and the spreadsheets by Sales Reps and Sales Supports. Sales Managers, Sales Directors, and VP of Sales had no access to ERP system, therefore, getting information regarding order processing and shipments had not been easy.

  •  Manual data entry and processing using spreadsheets
  •  Communication among team members and other departments was a big challenge – checking and updating inventory and orders with the factories via phone, fax, and email
  •  Sales team has no direct access to ERP related data such as inventory and shipment information
  •  Salespeople can’t access data while traveling
  •  Sales Managers and top executives can’t view reports in real-time

Solunus Solution

As Salesforce implementation partner, Solunus customized Salesforce out-of-the-box Sales Cloud functionalities to help the client utilize Sales Cloud to create opportunities and automatically push order to SAGE 100, ERP system.

  • We also implemented the followings;
  •  Brand & territory hierarchy and territory management
  •  Account-based price book and custom price book upload
  •  Workflow & auto emails (send email notification to Sales Users on price book changes
  •  Production order custom upload process to create new opportunities and packing lists in Salesforce
  •  Warehouse order custom upload process to create new opportunities and orders in Salesforce
  •  Push orders to SAGE 100 via Commercient app
  •  Email invoices and orders (pdf files) to customers
  •  Reports on different stages of opportunities and custom objects related to SAGE 100 e.g. inventory and orders
  •  Salesforce1 access for Inventory Object

Solunus Solution

With the help of Solunus, the client now utilized Sales Cloud as their CRM with custom order management solution. The Sales Supports can upload production and warehouse order spreadsheets to crate opportunities and orders eliminating 60% of manual processing tasks.

The account-based price book and custom price book upload functionality help Sales Team keeping up with different pricing and discount for each account.

Orders are created and pushed to ERP system in near real-time reducing processing time by 80%.

All sales teams and management are able to see reports and analytics related to their accounts from the CRM dashboards. Sales Directors and VP of Sales are able to see sales pipeline and revenue reports based on brand and territory anytime and anywhere.


Sales Cloud Custom Order Management and SAGE 100 Sync for Manufacturer


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