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Sales Cloud as Patient Tracker Solution for Healthcare Group

About This Project

The client operates the business in three divisions: Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Senior Living, and Behavioral Health. The client had an internal process through which patient navigators entered ICU patient screening info manually on a daily basis. The client approached Solunus to customize Sales Cloud as the “Patient Tracker Solution”.

The Challenge

  • Hospital systems and databases for short-term and long-term hospitals are disconnected
  • Patient Navigators perform manual data entry and data processing in spreadsheets causing longer lead time/processing time
  • Communication regarding patients among hospitals is a big challenge due to no unique patient id between short-term and long-term care hospitals
  • Can not generate reports for management in real-time

Solunus Solution

As a Salesforce implementation partner, Solunus customized Salesforce out-of-the-box Sales Cloud functionalities to help the client use Sales Cloud as the “Patient Tracker Solution” – a screening tool for patients evaluated by patient navigators.

  • Set up Salesforce standard objects, custom objects and fields to allow Salesforce users (the patient navigators) to enter data related to patients screened as part of the  program at 4 Medical Centers into Salesforce
  • Customized Salesforce to support the spreadsheet upload functionality to upsert patient records from the Medical Centers
  • Created custom object to capture patient history
  • Created all necessary dashboards and the underlying reports for executives and Salesforce users of both hospitals
  • Created trigger to automatically change certain fields based on 12 conditional fields
  • Provided a custom solution for bi-directional integration (via Data Loader CLI and SFTP) between Salesforce and SQL server database which stores patient records for all long-term acute care hospitals

Business Impact

With the help of Solunus, the client now utilized Sales Cloud as the Patient Tracker Solution. The navigators quickly adopted Salesforce. The automated business process and system integration helped the client solved all the problems they had before. Patient Screening Reports are always up to date and accurate. The hospitals provide better service to the patients as the navigators can look up the patients’ current and historical records in Salesforce.

The scalability of Salesforce platform allows the client to create a long term plan to add more hospitals and users into the system.


Sales Cloud as Patient Tracker Solution for Healthcare Group


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