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16 Mar

Salesforce Org Migration Best Practices

Companies go through a lot of changes. Mergers and acquisitions, companies, spinning off, or getting dissolved, these are all part and parcel in a business scenario. But can your IT road map overcome the future complex hurdles? It’s observed that 70% of acquisitions fail and the primary reason is being the lack of an adequate […]

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28 Feb

How can Salesforce help your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives?

What is Account-Based Marketing? There was a time when marketers were obsessed with their blanket campaigns that were super-wide, and super-disconnected with the sales activities because at the core they were designed to attract anyone and everyone. While the efforts of the marketing team were going in one direction, those of the sales team were […]

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14 Feb

CRM Metrics – Defining What Matters

Why CRM? Being a consultant in the CRM space for over two decades, I worked for many customer implementations from multiple industries with varied sizes. A key question that often comes my way is ‘How we bring improvement to some or all aspects of CRM?’ If I get downright to ‘Why CRM?’ the answer is […]

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15 Dec

Measuring Salesforce CRM Investment—Looking at Metrics, ROI & Beyond

Companies continue to make new investments in CRM. Gartner predicts that CRM will become number 1 enterprise software with a $36B revenue by 2017 surpassing ERP software for the first time. The reason that companies invested or plan to invest so much money on CRM is because they realized that CRM is an enterprise software […]

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15 Nov

An Important Question Managers Often Ignore: Is CRM Truly Necessary

Over the past decade, CRM solutions have become one of the ten busin ess tools used by firms—big and small—to improve revenue, profitability, and organizational efficiency. Despite the popularity of these platforms, instances of CRM failures are alarmingly high with some studies indicating that a staggering seven out of ten deployments fail to generate any real […]

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